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ChangeMB, LLC is a New York-based business that offers the first full coverage disposable changing table covers for a cleaner way to change babies on the go.


Our product prevents baby from making contact with the base of the changing table. Change is made from baby-safe plastic, it travels easily and is perfect for on-the-go parents and caretakers.

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Alex, NY

"I think Change is great because it’s quick, convenient, and makes diaper changes so much easier & cleaner!  Now I don’t have to worry about germs when changing my baby in public restrooms, or transferring germs to my diaper bag. I’m a big fan of this product and so happy someone thought of this idea! What a game changer for moms."

Cynthia, NY

“I think Change is great because I know don’t have to stress about germs and cleanliness when changing my baby anymore. This product will be ever changing for all Moms!" 

Amanda, NY

"I am so excited to have a product to protect my baby from bacteria infested changing tables. This product also helps to keep my changing pad, which is in the same bag as the baby’s food and bottles, clean (at least clean from other baby potty germs and general bathroom germs). It’s easy to pack, store, and to use. Thank you, Change! "
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